The National Arts Centre

I was fortunate to work on a campaign look for the upcoming 2024 - 2025 season of the National Arts Centre of Canada, commissioned by Banfield Agency.

Given the task of crafting a unique versatile look suitable for a range of artist and performer images, I drew inspiration from both traditional art and the hexagonal interiors of the NAC. By using brush strokes arranged in concentric hexagonal circles, I created an immersive visual effect surrounding the artist(s), to draw people in.

Key Visuals:

NAC poster 1
NAC poster 2
NAC poster 3 NAC subway NAC subway mockup

Social Media:

A large part of the campaign was to be executed digitally as social media ads and posts.

NAC post social media NAC website

Motion was required to be an integral part of the look so that it could be extended to digital screens and get more reach on social media. Here's how I'd conceptualised the motion for the campaign:

The Kipnes Lantern:

The Kipnes Lantern is a 21-metre-high transparent LED screen that wraps around the National Arts Centre's glass atrium. It's a unique digital canvas that can be seen from the street and is visible to the public 24/7. The campaign look was also designed to be displayed on the Lantern, bringing the energy of live art directly to the audience.

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