Portfolio Website

An assignment that started in UX Design class as a prototype and was eventually coded during Web Development class during my studies in Canada. I was able to rebrand myself as a creative professional, focus on potential clients and tech recruiters, while portraying my work and identity through the website.

The website was created using Bootstrap, Github and VS Code.

Title: Moodboard Keywords Keywords Colours Moodboard Style Tile Title: Sitemap & User Journey Intro Sitemap Sitemap description User Journey User Journey Scenario User Journey Thoughts & Emotions Title: Wireframes & Prototype LOFI: Home Page on Devices LOFI: About Page on Devices LOFI: Work > Photography Page on Devices HIFI: Home Page on Devices HIFI: About Page on Devices HIFI: Work > Photography Page on Devices

The final prototype is the website you’re browsing on.
Go ahead and click about to see how this project has evolved and come to life!

Thank you for scrolling till the end.