Museum of Nature

During my studies in Ottawa, Canada, I had the opportunity to visit the Canadian Museum of Nature with my friends.

Among the taxidermied specimens and skeletal remains of prehistoric creatures, I was able to capture the wonder and excitement of my friends in the museum.

Dinosaur Skull
A friend looking at the prismatic light on herself
Taxidermied moose
A friend excited about the displays
A friend pointing at the displays
A friend posing for a photograph
A friend interacting with the displays
A friend looking at the displays
Friends excited about a miniature fire truck
Interacting with the displays
Prehistoric sea creature skeleton
Entering the polar exhibit
Taxidermied arctic fox
taxidermied Polar Bear
Making faces at a reflection in a plaque
Taxidermied squirrel
Taxidermied wild cat
Selfie in the plaque reflection
taxidermied Animal
Rock specimens
Rock specimen

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