Artist's rendition of medieval blacksmith


The Text-Based Adventure Game

Sorry, you cannot play this on a mobile device. This game is played in the console of your desktop web browser.

Welcome to the forge, where your skills are tested in the art of blacksmithing! Craft weapons like axes and swords using ore, wood, and fire. Sell your crafted weapons for gold coins in the market. Reach 50 Gold to win.

But be warned, before you buy or sell, douse the flames to avoid any mishaps!

Good Luck!

Example Gameplay:

First, buy(wood) from the marketplace. You may also buy(ore). Now start a fire() and craft weapons with make(axe) or make(sword). Next, sell(axe) or sell(sword) at the marketplace to earn Gold. Repeat.

Tip: Use help() to keep an eye on market rates and check your inventory() often.

Right click anywhere on this page and select "inspect". Then select the "console" tab as shown in the image below:

How to open the console

Type 'help()' in the console to display the game commands you can use.

Game Commands:

Use the following commands in the console to interact with the game:

Fire Icon


Buy Icon


Make Icon


Sell Icon


Inventory Icon


Help Icon